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Bi the Way

Yes I’m bi and no that’s not a lie, so I can stay in the closet and hide.

  No, I don’t sleep with anything that moves. By the way, I’m not confused, or don’t know which hole to choose.

No, I’m not greedy. Yes I can commit. And I’ve had it up to here with your shit. Excuse me, but don’t act surprised because I get pissed when you insist I don’t exist.

By the way, I’ve lain with other guys, but that doesn’t make me gay. No matter what you say.


 I’ve dated girls too, but that doesn’t make me straight.

Don’t hate.

How many times must I explain before it sinks into your brain? What’s so hard to comprehend?

 The gender of my date doesn’t determine who I choose as my mate. By the way, if it’s not clear let me spell it out so there’s no doubt.

I don’t fear being queer, so don’t jeer when you hear, “I’m bi.”
Whether it’s women or men, in the end love’s what it’s about. And that’s what counts.

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