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Sorry I haven’t been posting that much this week. My allergies has my eyes a blurry mess, though I manage to write a few posts on my smartphone.

Therapy has been going well and we’re getting to the core of this. It’s not easy but I know it’s for the best. My meds had been knocking me for a loop the past few months though I’ve adjusted to them and should be back on a normal sleep schedule.

Last night I went out with my writing group and we had a blast. It was the perfect thing to improve my mood. In between crude jokes we talked about progress on our projects. Overall it was nice besides the food which was so-so, but I’m glad I went.

Right now I’m in this transitional in my life and in my writing. I don’t want to spent the rest of my life waiting on the sidelines because I’m scared of what might happened. I also don’t want to play at writing anymore.

Yeah I finished two books but so what. It’s time to put myself out there more so from here on out Friday and the weekends will be devoted to short stories, essays, and poem writing.

I probably wont be posting as often because I’ll be spending more time on work I think is more important than this blog but I will continue to write everyday and if I feel it’s good enough you’ll read it here.

As such I’m opening submissions for guest posts to fill the vacancies. The criteria is simply: 100-300 words or more(depending on the topic) on any topic that relates to the writer life, inspires or motivates. Well that’s it, later.