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You Know You’re a Writer If


1.You keep a note pad by the side of the bed for when ideas strike in the middle of the night.

2.The voices in your head aren’t a cause for alarm.

3. You’re familiar with the following phrases:

Kill your darlings.”

Omit needless words.

Writing is really easy. Just tap a vein and bleed on to the page.

Rewriting is writing.

Glue your butt to the chair and don’t get up until you’ve written something.

4.You’ve thought, “Hey I could come up with something better than this crap,” after reading/watching something.

5.You carry a notebook or your cell to jot down observations and snippets of conversations whenever you go out.

6. You wished your muse had a GPS tracker so you knew exactly where to find it.

7. While reading this you’ve started making your own list.

8. You’ve said, “I’d rather be writing.”

9. You’ve experienced the manic highs and soul crushing depressions that comes with the process, yet wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.

10. You write!