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condom-1555086It would be remiss if I didn’t kiss your clitoris.
I would abhor if you ignore my knock on your back door.
With a glance and wink I ask: do you think per chance
I may partake of your clambake?
Would you think it crass to mention
How I wanna tap that ass?
Would you be struck mute if I asked for a toot on the ole skin flute?
Would you deem it uncouth and give me the boot
If I asked to shoot above where you poop?
Would it make your head droop
Or knock you for loop to hear I like it rough?
If you’re so inclined, smack my behind.
Or is that out of line?
As I kiss my way up your spine
And listen to you huff and puff,
Don’t whine.
I know it’s not enough.
As I dine at your buffet
And drink another cup
of your muff
Know this:
You’re mine.

Excuse Me

image by StillSearc via
image by StillSearc via

Excuse me if I don’t speak.

I was the kid who never spoke

In class and hoped to make through

One week without being called a freak.

Excuse me if I don’t speak

I’m busy wondering if I

Should run and hide.

Or if it’s you

I should seek?

Excuse me if I don’t speak.

I mean no offense but

I’m always on defense

Lest you think me meek.

Excuse me if I don’t speak.

But I never learned

The finer points of making a friend.

Too busy lost in my world of pretend

Where I never got sick or picked on again.

Where I was always strong, and never weak.

Excuse me if I don’t speak.

But I never know what to say.

This silence a prison: the walls a million sentences

Left unspoken, and bars a devouring fear. Will I go

Unheard again, or will you hear me loud and clear?

Sorry I didn’t mean to be so bleak.

Over the years this fear has given way and

When I go out I can hang and shout with the best the best of them.

And though the shy kid I used be is no more I still find myself

Retreating to this haven, this welcomed quiet.

So excuse me if I don’t speak.

I’m just catching up with an old friend.

I Must Confess

Please don’t fret
No need for distress
You’ll soon be out of that dress
I must confess
I was struck by your beauty.
But it would a dereliction of duty
If I didn’t please your booty.
If you’re feeling naughty
And want to touch my body
Then come on hottie
Lose the clothes
And let’s stem the rose.
I must confess
We’re a hot mess.
Put your head on my breast
And let’s take a rest.
Lest we go into cardiac arrest.
I must confess
Your chest is the best.
Another round of this sex fest?
I must confess
you’re the horniest, yet.