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Review Justice League Vs Teen Titans

Justice-League-vs.-Teen-Titans-charactersWarning: spoilers ahead


Justice League Vs Teen Titans is the latest feature length movie released from DC Comics and centers around Damien Wayne being shipped off to the Teen Titans to learn how to work in a team. At first he treats the titans with disdain and picks a fight with Blue Beetle resulting in him almost dying. He recovers thanks to Raven’s healing abilities and learns to get along with them.

As this is going on Superman and the other members of the Justice League become possessed by emissaries of Trigon and seek to bring him to Earth using Raven as the key to an ancient satanic temple. Seeing no other alternative Raven gives herself up to the Justice League and brings Trigon to Earth.

With team work Raven is able to re-imprison Trigon in a shard of crystal, which she keeps with her as a bindi and the movie ends with her rejoining the titans on Earth.

The Good
I really like the character design of the titans and would so totally watch a reboot of Teen Titans or Young Justice staring them. I especially like Starfire and Raven’s design as it suited them well.

Over all the movie was enjoyable and kept me invested in the characters through out and I especially liked the montage where Down to Nothing plays. It really made that scene and was a catchy tune.

I have to say I loved Damien Wayne in this. Yeah he starts off as a huge ass in this, but grows softer over the course of the movie. I find him to be a more interesting Robin then either Tim Drake , Jason Todd or Dick Grayson.

The Bad

The biggest sin this movie commits is being too predictable. Within thirty seconds of seeing people get possessed I called it that the movie would about Trigon trying to come to earth and Raven trying to stop him. And sure enough that’s exactly what happened.

I also had issues with the Superman/Robin fight. Let me preface this by saying in no way am I a Superman fanboy, but even with Kryptonite Damien took down him way too easily.

Another issue I had was with Blue Beetle. His character came off as too much of a wannabe Cyborg for my taste. Sure his powers were nice to look at but I couldn’t stop thinking he was just a rip off of Cyborg the whole time he was on screen.

Another issue I had was when the titans went to Trigon’s home dimension and Beast Boy transforms into a demon. It came out of nowhere, was never explained and no one brought it up after it happened. It was a total big lipped alligator moment for sure.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for something to kill 80 minutes and aren’t too pressed for good story telling give this movie a watch. It’s not the best but if enough people buy it maybe we’ll get another movie starring these titans. Even with its flaws this was an enjoyable watch and you should totally check it out.